Niagara University is moving to cloud based Microsoft Azure for account management this coming fall term. Azure will be used for single sign on (SSO), self service password reset (SSPR) and multi factor authentication (MFA). Single sign on (SSO) will allow you to sign on using your PurplePass account across multiple applications without the need to login multiple times. Self service password reset (SSPR) will allow our users to reset and recover their PurplePass password using online tools provided by Microsoft, which should significantly improve the process of managing your account. Multi factor authentication (MFA) provides a second alternative method of authentication, in addition to your regular PurplePass password, that helps protect you against lost or stolen passwords.

To configure your account to use SSPR and MFA you may login, using your PurplePass ( format), directly to your security information settings via the following Microsoft site:

The following Microsoft provided short videos may be used to guide you through the registration process:

Register and manage your security information -

How to set up authenticator on a new phone -

Upon your first login, or if you have yet to configure your security options, you will be notified that more information is required.

The first option given will be to use the Microsoft Authenticator app on a smart phone (iPhone or Android) if one is available. This is the most secure and easiest method to use, as it allows you to either enter a random code provided by the authenticator app when prompted, or simply click a "yes/no" prompt when asked if you are logging in via a pop up on your phone. To configure this option download the app and follow the prompts provided during the login process, which will involve you scanning a QR code using your phone camera to automatically configure the app. Once configured you'll be asked to enter a 6 digit code provided by the app to verify your configuration. Going forward you may use this method for either SSPR or MFA.

Optionally you can select "I want to set up a different method", which will give you the option of choosing "Phone", "Email" or "Security questions" for use with MFA or SSPR.

If you choose the "Phone" option you will input the phone number you would like to use, and then specify either a text code or a call to verify the phone number. Once the phone number has been verified this option can be used going forward for SSPR or MFA.

If you choose the "Email" option you will input a valid email address that you would like to use. You will then be emailed a code to verify the account you provided. Once you have verified the account you will be able to use the Email option for SSPR going forward.

If you choose the "Security questions" option you will then select five security questions, from a list of provided questions, and provide answers unique to yourself for each question. Once the questions have been configured you will be able to use the "Security questions" option for SSPR going forward.

The following brief Microsoft documentation covers setting up MFA via the authenticator app or phone number:

For additional support the Niagara University Information Technology help desk is available to assist, and can be reached by submitting a support ticket or calling (716) 286-8040 during office hours.